NEWTREE’s fabulous 27-Piece Gift Pack and Love Pack available at an exclusive price.

NEWTREE’s chocolates sound almost too good to be true. Chocolate of the highest quality from the great tradition of Belgian chocolate full of beneficial antioxidants, vitamins, and plant extracts that entice good feelings. Unique, delicious chocolates that are actually good for you and make you feel good? We’re thinking maybe they should tackle world peace next. Founded just ten years ago by Benoît de Bruyn, a young biochemical engineer, NEWTREE has revolutionized the chocolate world. These chocolates are filled with a variety of natural extracts renowned for their beneficial properties to induce feelings of calm, sexiness, and pleasure, such as lime blossom, guarana, grape extract and flaxseeds. And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, they use only 100% natural ingredients—that means no GMOs, no preservatives, no additives and no artificial flavors.

The 27-Piece Pack is a great introduction to nine different flavors in smooth and creamy milk chocolate or blissful dark, all with natural extracts to promote health and well-being. The box contains 3 mini bars of each flavor:


Pure 73% Dark Chocolate
Apricot Milk Chocolate
Ginger Dark Chocolate
Pink Peppercorn Dark Chocolate
Cinnamon Milk Chocolate
Black Currant Dark Chocolate
Mint Dark Chocolate
Lavender Milk Chocolate
Cherry Dark Chocolate



So, whether you're feeling sexy, seeking forgiveness, or it's simply time to renew, they've got you covered. Wrapped in a beautiful holiday sleeve, NEWTREE will seriously impress any chocolate lover on your holiday shopping list. And with all those great antioxidants and natural extracts, it just might be the key to surviving the holiday madness.

And because we love our Foodiacs, we wanted to give you a little something extra. The Gift Pack Extraordinaire also comes with the Love Pack which contains 12 mini bars in Dark Cocoa, Cherry Dark Chocolate and Ginger Dark Chocolate. Giving this pack away surely requires a heroic act of love. Go ahead, they’ll make more.

The minibars included in these gift packs each have a completely unique and divine flavor. They're perfect sweet treat without being too sweet, with added natural extracts that add rich and bright undertones you won’t find in other chocolates.

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Note: Item cannot be shipped to Hawaii.