Local Events
Local Events Coming Soon!

In 2012, Foodiacs will begin hosting local events in cities throughout the U.S. to give our members the opportunity to develop deeper relationships with the food artisans in their own communities. These events will allow you to learn more about the people and passion behind great artisan foods made near youand meet other Foodiacs in your own backyard. We will be hosting a wide range of local events, including tours of local coffee roasting facilities and breweries, open houses at artisan chocolate companies and bakeries, cooking classes and tours, and special preview dinners and tasting menus at restaurants. The possibilities are endless...and delicious!

As we finalize all the details, we’re looking for Foodiacs Ambassadors to help us find food artisans in your town. If you’re interested in becoming a Foodiacs Ambassador, send us an email at CEO@foodiacs.com.