Teaspoon Willies

UPDATE: Congratulations to Teaspoon Willie's on receiving the 2011 BEST NEW GOURMET FOOD AWARD from Gourmet Product Awards!

We love Willie Ingram’s philosophy: “Food is life & life is food!” He believes that “sharing a meal together should not only be about eating good food, but bringing people together to enjoy each other’s company, tell stories and reminisce." As you may have guessed, Willie Ingram is the food artisan behind Teaspoon Willie’s. Willie grew up surrounded by great cooks and developed a passion for cooking himself. He was inspired to create his own BBQ sauce, but Teaspoon Willie’s Sauce is quite different from a traditional BBQ Sauce or frankly any kind of sauce. 5280 Magazine recently described it as a “slightly fiery, umami-rich sauce.” After cultivating a very long list of friends and family who wanted Willie’s Sauce to put on and in every imaginable food and drink recipe, the next step was clear. And thus was born Everything Sauce

Realizing that his Everything Sauce was worth sharing with the world, Willie began his tireless search for the very best ingredients on Earth. For this reason Teaspoon Willie’s sauces are entirely all-natural and all of his herbs and spices are grown certified organic. Not long after Teaspoon Willie's was officially launched came Willie’s newest sauce: Spicy Sauce. If you like a little heat, you’ll love the Spicy Sauce. Both sauces are ideal for adding depth and flavor to the foods and dishes you already love. Here is just a short list of recommended uses for both the Everything Sauce and Spicy Sauce.


Chicken Chicken Dish
Buffalo Wings
Omelets / Scrambled Eggs
Bloody Marys
French Fries

We are very excited for Willie’s exclusive offer to the Foodiacs community because you’ll not only receive 16 oz. bottles of both the Everything Sauce and the Spicy Sauce, but also 4 oz. sample bottles of each. It’s the perfect size to take with you wherever you go or share with another Foodiac. It’s not too early to start thinking about stocking stuffers.

This handcrafted item ships in five to seven days. To learn more about Teaspoon Willie's visit www.teaspoonwillies.com

A portion of the proceeds from this event will be donated to The Bridge Project, a non-profit in Denver, Colorado dedicated to helping children and youth living in Denver's public housing neighborhoods to achieve their academic potential and graduate from high school with the resources necessary to succeed as adults.