Fig Trio Box

Introducing 2 New Fig Jams + You Choose a Flavor!

We can all thank good old-fashioned Southern hospitality for the opportunity to even taste Sallie Dent Porth’s delicious herbal jams. Sallie spent most of her career in the corporate world practically living in planes, trains and automobiles. After her recognition in the prestigious Made in the South Awards from Garden and Gun Magazine, Sallie realized it was just plain selfish and inhospitable to keep her jams to herself and the close friends who raved about them.

Sallie credits those years traversing the country for work, and the fabulous meals she ate along the way, for inspiring her interest in unique flavor combinations. Sallie’s Herbal Fruit Jams are true culinary genius. Her jams are made with the freshest produce possibleheavenly blends of fruit and herbs that go straight from field to jar! Some of her winning combinations include Strawberry + Basil, Blueberry Lemon + Thyme, and Peach Pepper + Ginger Jam. The addition of herbs adds a perfect amount of complexity and depth to put these jams in a class by themselves.

Sallie’s exclusive offer to the Foodiacs community includes her newest sensations: Fig Sweet Onion + Rosemary Jam and Lemon Fig + Basil Jam. If those don’t make your mouth water, we don’t know what will. They are outstanding and you have the opportunity to be one of the very first people to taste them. Foodiacs can purchase a special Trio Gift Box featuring these two new fig jams and your choice of a third flavor. The Gift Box is a perfect holiday gift, hostess gift, or birthday gift, so make sure you get enough to share.

And if you’re the one playing hostess with the most-est, you'll receive rave reviews from your guests when they sample these jams in Sallie’s delicious recipes. She’s come up with everything from pork glazes, appetizers, trifles, paninis, salads and even cocktails to show off her creations. Here are a few serving suggestions to help you pick the third jam in your box. We’ll be sharing some fabulous recipes on our Facebook page. Sallie is a pretty amazing woman and we’re so grateful she’s gracing us with her Southern hospitality and delicious jams.

And you’ll love Sallie’s motto: Love Thy Farmer!

To learn more about Sallie’s Greatest visit her website at

On a personal note, behind every Foodiac, there is someone who sparked our passion for food. One of those influential people who taught me to love and appreciate food was my grandmother. She was a strong Southern woman from Mississippi and I was very lucky to spend time with her just about every day enjoying delicious meals at her home. No one will ever be able to compete with her sweet tea, fried okra, corn casserole, and pecan pie. For her, cooking was an expression and outpouring of love. For me, this event is a way to honor my grandmother’s legacy and her pride in Southern cooking and hospitality. Not by accident, fig preserves were one of her favorite foods. So this one is for you, Gramma.

- Katie, Chief Eating Officer