Joe Bean Taste of Nations Gift Box

Coffee is a perfect test case highlighting the extreme disparity between a mass-produced, low quality product and a small-batch, high quality product made by a passionate artisan. We’re not going to name names, but I’m sure you can think of a few. Coffee beans sold by large corporations focused only on quantity and cost-cutting compared with the beans from a knowledgeable artisan micro-roaster don’t deserve to share the same name. As members of the Foodiacs community, we know you understand the difference—and you care. Joe Bean Coffee Roasters are artisan micro-roasters of exquisite coffees and represent the very best of what we love about artisan food makers. Whether you’re a coffee connoisseur or just appreciate a good cup of coffee, you’re going to fall in love with Joe Bean. And, if you’ve got a coffee lover or two on your shopping list this holiday season, this is your moment to shine. The Taste of Nations Box includes three 12-oz. bags of their featured coffees that will transport you around the world:

Colombia Ocamonte: Grown in high altitudes in the Ocamonte region, this coffee has natural notes of caramel, nutmeg, honey and orange zest.

Sumatra ACEH: From the Permata Gayo cooperative in the ACEH region, this is an earthy coffee with natural notes of malted barley and raw sugar.

Ethiopia Sidama: A naturally processed coffee from the Oromia Cooperative in the Sidama region, this coffee has natural notes of blueberry, apricot and lemon.

All of the coffees included in this gift box are fair trade certified and have been organically grown. The coffee is roasted within 2-3 days of ordering and arrives whole-bean to ensure freshness.

Joe Bean was founded in 2004 by a couple of friends—Kathy Turiano and Dena Jones—who loved coffee and wanted to create a local gathering place to connect with others and inspire creativity. I was lucky enough to meet them a couple of years later and have never looked at a cup of coffee the same way since. I will be forever grateful to them for instilling in me a love and deeper understanding of coffee. We’re all familiar with hearing wine aficionados talk about hints of blackberry and oak in their merlots and chardonnays. And while those complex flavors come from wine’s 200 different compounds, coffee has more than 800! This added complexity doesn’t even account for the effects of the different roasting and brewing methods that can transform coffee beans from the very same plantation into a vastly different experience in the cup.

Joe Bean’s passion for and immense knowledge of coffee rubs off on everyone they meet. They use a special profile roasting system attached to the roaster allowing them more control throughout the process to help them develop coffees with complex layers and characteristics. Joe Bean’s profile roasting process is a combination of technology and art. But the real art of coffee roasting happens at the cupping table where their coffee is evaluated, tested and sampled every day. Their passion for the artistry behind their roasting and their expertise also drives their respect for knowing where their coffees come from, right down to the farms. Joe Bean represents the truest form of food artisanship. Coffee is their life. Their enthusiastic and unyielding passion is infectious, and they’re committed to educating and inspiring others to appreciate coffee. Their new community coffee bar in Rochester, New York even has a hands-on coffee classroom where they educate customers on the best brewing methods and hold unique cupping events.

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