Java Gourmet

The 'Javalicious' Starter Pack comes with JAVA-GOURMET’s acclaimed Beef, Lamb, Wild Game & More Java Rub, Turkey & More Java Rub, Sicilian Citrus Java Rub, Java Shake, and Java Sprinkles. This is a must have for anyone who loves to cook.

It’s a common trait of the food artisans we feature here at Foodiacs—the ability to think outside the box. Well, JAVA-GOURMET is known for thinking outside the cup. JAVA-GOURMET is an award-winning, artisanal, coffee-based specialty food company. As respected coffee roasters they knew that coffee can be a great addition to many recipes. The coffee flavor we normally think of gives way during cooking to a smoky and nutty flavor that intensifies the flavor of meats, poultry and many other foods. Coffee also helps caramelize the surface of food during cooking. In fact, many renowned chefs have used coffee for years as one of their “cooking secrets.” JAVA-GOURMET has taken those ideas and has created a complete line of gourmet-quality products including dry rubs, sauces, marinades, brines, and confections. Their products are all-natural, made in small batches, and are MSG-, Gluten- and Trans Fat-free.

JAVA-GOURMET’s Java Rubs are made with 100% Arabica coffee and their different blends include Seneca Salt, a locally sourced culinary flake salt, granulated garlic, granulated onion, pepper, paprika, cilantro, chives, cinnamon, brown sugar, and many other natural herbs and spices. These Java Rubs were the first coffee rubs available on the market for home use and they have been receiving rave reviews for years. Coffee is often used to help enhance the flavor of red meats, so what makes JAVA-GOURMET truly innovative are the rubs they’ve created that perfectly enhance poultry, seafood and many other ingredients. Here are some recipes using these Java Rubs.

Java Shake is an original freshly ground finishing salt made with their own finely ground Natural Brazilian coffee, Seneca Salt, pepper, garlic, paprika, and the perfect blend of natural herbs and spices. It can be used just like a traditional salt, but its additional ingredients add a delicious depth and smokiness. It’s ideal for using toward the end of the cooking process or to add a little extra flavor to any dish. We love to use it on popcorn, and someone our team has even been known to sneak it into movie theaters. Yeah, we’re Foodiacs.

Java Sprinkles are a fabulous dessert topper. While it was originally developed to top cappuccinos, cocoas, and other whipped cream or foam-topped beverages, JAVA-GOURMET’s many fans have discovered unlimited uses! It’s made, like all of JAVA-GOURMET’s products, with their own Keuka Lake Coffees. Java Sprinkles features their finely ground Italian Espresso Blend along with raw sugar, cane sugar, brown sugar, cocoa, and spices to produce a delicious topping. It’s a big hit as a finishing touch on desserts, such as ice cream, cakes, puddings, tiramisu and even your morning toast.

So who’s behind all of these great innovative products at JAVA-GOURMET? Partners Susan Atkisson and Brian Friguliette left Boston in 2003 to follow their passion and start Keuka Lake Coffee Roasters. A few years later they were asked to participate in a Garlic Festival at a local winery. A small artisan coffee roaster might not be the first person you’d think to invite to a Garlic Festival. The novelty of their presence there inspired them to begin experimenting with creating coffee products for cooking. In fact, both Brian and Susan had a history of using coffee in cooking to build upon—from braising a pot roast to coffee-flavored gelatin, a favorite of Friguliette’s mother. Both of their families used coffee as a “special ingredient.” Today, their product development is based on culinary research, those old family recipes, and their own creativity and vision in the kitchen. To learn more about JAVA-GOURMET visit