It's a Surprise
Foodiacs Mystery Grab Bag

Spring has sprung! Here at Foodiacs, we’re so excited for the warm weather, blooming flowers, and of course…grilling season. So, we wanted to offer something a little special to our members—the Foodiacs mystery grab bag! You’ll receive a sampling of products from some of our past event hosts, including some of their products not in the original offer! The products could be salty or sweet, crunchy or gooey, and some might have a little heat. You won’t know until your mystery grab bag arrives, and no two bags are alike! There are only two things we can definitely tell you about the offer: 1) it includes a whole lot of savings, and 2) it won’t include any of the products that are currently available for sale on our site! So grab one for yourself and grab one for a friend!

These unique packages are hand-assembled, so please allow 5-7 days for delivery.