Columbian Double-take
Colombian Double-Take
Joe Bean Coffee Roasters

As you know, here at Foodiacs we’re big fans of Joe Bean Coffee Roasters in Rochester, New York. Artisan micro-roasters of exquisite coffees, Joe Bean embodies the very best of what we love about artisan food makers. And, since we know how much you all love Joe Bean too, we’ve worked with them to create a really special and very exclusive offering—the Colombian Double-Take (insert a Sophia Vergara joke here). You’ll receive two twelve-ounce bags of Joe Bean’s beloved Colombian Ocamonte coffee roasted two different ways: Original & Espresso style. This coffee is known for its natural citrus notes and warm spiciness. Joe Bean’s Head Roaster Ben Turiano explains, “The Espresso-Roasted Colombian combines well with steamed milk for a naturally sweet, spicy latte. Our Original Colombian Ocamonte is a perfect choice for brunch or dessert because of its natural citrus notes.” This exclusive offer allows you to try both versions of the Colombian Ocamante at a price you won’t find anywhere else, and we’ve also lowered the shipping cost to just $6.50. Additional orders sent to the same address can be shipped for just $1 more. The Colombian Ocamonte is the perfect choice as the weather grows warmer, and it also makes an excellent gift for any coffee lover in your life—especially with Mother’s Day just around the corner.

This excerpt from our event with them last fall explains why Joe Bean’s coffees are just so special:

“Joe Bean’s passion for and immense knowledge of coffee rubs off on everyone they meet. They use a special profile roasting system attached to the roaster allowing them more control throughout the process to help them develop coffees with complex layers and characteristics. Joe Bean’s profile roasting process is a combination of technology and art. But the real art of coffee roasting happens at the cupping table where their coffee is evaluated, tested and sampled every day. Their passion for the artistry behind their roasting and their expertise also drives their respect for knowing where their coffees come from, right down to the farms. Joe Bean represents the truest form of food artisanship. Coffee is their life. Their enthusiastic and unyielding passion is infectious, and they’re committed to educating and inspiring others to appreciate coffee. Their new community coffee bar in Rochester, New York even has a hands-on coffee classroom where they educate customers on the best brewing methods and hold unique cupping events.”

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