Chef Salt Two-Jar Gift Set

Foodiacs, this is an amazing opportunity! If you love to cook and want to be heralded for your mastery in the kitchen, then this event is for you. Chef Salt is a fabulous small artisan food company led by some of the most respected chefs and experts in the gourmet food industry. Their exclusive offer to the Foodiacs community gives you an opportunity to try two of their amazing salt blends: 7-Salt and Tuscan Herb in their Two-Jar Gift Set. Along with this gift set, you’ll have an incredible opportunity to be the first to try Holy Mole, their newest salt blend. This newest blend hasn’t yet been released to the public and isn’t even available yet in a jar. You’ll receive a very exclusive and coveted sample of the Holy Mole with your order as well as their Turkey 101 tips just in time for Thanksgiving, including a special turkey recipe using their 7-Salt blend.

So what makes Chef Salt blends so fantastic? Any cook or chef worth his salt (sorry, we couldn’t resist) knows that a dish will fall flat if the seasoning and flavors aren’t up to par. The power and impact of a well-executed dish from a professional kitchen may be easy to spot but hard to replicate. So, imagine having your own private chef in a jar, available at your beck and call to do the hard work for you. It may sound like a fantasy, but thanks to these food artisans it’s not. The geniuses behind Chef Salt are David Joachim, Andrew Schloss, and Mark Bitterman. Mark is recognized internationally for his salt expertise and award-winning book Salted: A Manifesto on the World's Most Essential Mineral, with Recipes. David and Andrew are renowned chefs and award-winning cookbook authors. One of their most recent collaborations was for their fabulous cookbook Fire It Up: 400 Recipes for Grilling Everything.

Together these craftsmen possess 50 years of collective culinary expertise used to create six amazing salt blends, including 7 Salt, Bacon BBQ, Bamboo Curry, NY Steak, Tunisian Fire, and Tuscan Herb. The two blends included in your Two-Jar Gift Set are 7-Salt and Tuscan Herb. 7-Salt is a universal salt and pepper blend that will make you appreciate salt in a whole new light with its immense complexity and distinctive flavors. Among others ingredients, 7-Salt contains Coastal Maine Sea Salt, Bali Taksu Flake Salt, Alaea Volcanic Red Sea Salt, and Tellicherry Peppercorns. Tuscan Herb contains Sel Dolce de Cervia, one of Italy's most revered salts that has been harvested and hand-raked by workers from the Aegean Sea since 965 A.D. among other ingredients. This blend also contains seductive notes of rosemary, fennel, and sage.

We adore these brilliant food artisans, not just for helping us look like pros in the kitchen, but for the years that they spent meticulously and painstakingly creating these blends literally one grain at a time. And that’s putting it lightly. You see, these blends are so great, not only for their perfect combinations of ingredients, but for the superior quality of these ingredients. They literally scoured the Earth to find the most flavorful salts hidden in mineral-rich salt ponds and little known natural deposits. The search didn’t end there. They then studied each salt they found to ensure it had the perfect flavor, color, mineral content, moisture content, and crystal shape. Then these food artisans began obsessing over the herbs and spices to include in their salt blends. Their immense knowledge of the nuances in fragility and fragrance of each herb allowed them to choose only those herbs able to withstand the drying process and still remain aromatic. The spices in these salt blends, like everything else, are of the highest quality and have been air-dried or freeze-dried to ensure maximum flavor. As the Chef Salt experts say themselves, “Bringing them together to make flavors greater than the sum of their parts is as challenging as it is rewarding.”

Once the ingredients for each salt blend were so carefully chosen, the work was just beginning. In order to blend all of these precious salts, herbs, and spices, Andrew and Dave spend hours handcrafting each and every batch at the Chef Salt kitchen in Pennsylvania. Some ingredients, like Bali Rama (a pyramidal salt), must be handled with the utmost delicacy, while other ingredients, like Himalayan pink salt and Tellicherry peppercorns, must be cracked or chopped to a smaller size to blend well. Their attention to each ingredient requires that they work in small batches to guarantee that every ingredient is prepared perfectly. As these food artisans explain, “Once the ingredients for each blend are cracked, toasted, and ground to our liking, we weigh them to the gram on sensitive scales then mix them in huge stainless steel pans with oversized wooden spoons.”

Don’t wait or you’ll miss out. Only a limited quantity available.

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