Karli Tucker

Karli Tucker is an illustrator and graphic designer currently living and working in Washington DC. In 2007, she self-published her first children's book called "Crabby the Crabby Crab" and has since created fun, colorful and quirky work for a variety of clients. As a self-proclaimed foodiac, she loves crème brûlée and can make a mean guacamole! Check out her portfolio at www.karlitucker.com.



Foodiacs Artist Submissions

Foodiacs is on the hunt for artists, whether photographers, illustrators, painters, crafters or whatever, who love to play with their food. We'll be updating the main banner of our website on a regular basis to feature exceptional food art that complements our culinary whimsy. The banner will feature a credit for the artist and a link to our Meet the Foodiacs Artist page where admirers can learn more about the artists and how to contact them.

If you think you have what it takes to be a Foodiacs artist, please contact us at CEO@foodiacs.com. We are looking for art that centers around food—eating it, cooking it, growing it, sharing it, skewering it, building with it, throwing it, or whatever else you can think of. (Keep it whole-family friendly, please.) We are not interested in straightforward photos or renderings of food items. We're looking for playful creativity with a twist of lime and a splash of cranberry-infused lizard milk.