So what exactly is Foodiacs?

Foodiacs [foo-dee-aks]-noun Slang. Definition: Those who are overly zealous and enthusiastic about eating, cooking, and fine dining. is the gathering place for the passionate eaters of the world. We are dedicated to connecting our members with gourmet food artisans and culinary tools and experiences. These are the game-changers of the food industry. We feature one food artisan or company at a time, allowing us to highlight the story behind the product, the company, and its creator. From each food artisan, we will have one exclusive item available only for the Foodiacs community, such as gourmet goodies, high-quality kitchen tools and cookware, and even elite culinary tours and classes. These items are only available for a limited time and at a limited quantity. Although there may be times when an item is offered at an exclusive price to the Foodiacs community, we are not a discount site. We recognize the passion, love, time, and quality of ingredients that go into these artisan products and want these companies to be sustainable for years to come. Beginning in 2012, will begin hosting local food-related events in regional areas throughout the U.S., giving members the opportunity to meet the food artisans and other Foodiacs in their own communities. Join our email list so we can keep you in the loop about all we have in store for you.

We’re foodiacs, just like you. We’re glad you’re here.